"Ignorance can be the ideal starting point from which to demystify a complicated subject"

I initially found this quote in a magazine around 2006 and tore it out and pinned it above my desk. I don't know the original source, however it appears in several places on the web attributed to different authors relating to writing biographies. I suspect that it is a variant on a common expression.

The personal website of John Welford


Dr John Welford MEng PhD CEng MIET MINCOSE

I am a chartered mechatronics and systems engineer with a PhD and engineering experience in the defence, automotive and rail industries. I am an active STEM ambassador, regularly giving talks and running activities in local schools and colleges. I also have a keen interest in visualisation and data presentation.

In my personal time I am a mountain biker and snowboarder, alongside numerous other small projects and distractions - some of which are mentioned on this site.

For further information please see my CV or feel free to contact me directly.

Stuff I've done

FIAT Panda stuck in the sand

Drove a Fiat Panda to Africa

Take a look at our never-quite-finished website documenting the journey:

I'm a Scientist logo

Took part in "I'm a Scientist - Get me out of here"

Check out my questions and answers:


Made a random number text messaging app

Check out the brief code for it on GitHub:


Made a clock that shows the time according to how late the trains are running

Take a look at the code for it on GitHub:

Actuator design image

Built a set of actuator design tools

As part of my PhD, to investigate the effects of parameter changes. Have a play with them:

Lego Linac box

Designed a model of a medical Linear Accelerator in Lego

As a gift. Check out the building instructions:


Also with an MRI machine as a second model from the same parts:

New Zealand Photospheres

Took a set of spherical photos whilst on holiday in New Zealand

Indexed and displayed using a javascript viewer:

New Zealand Photospheres

Modified a set of bathroom scales to log weights over wifi

A writeup of the process is given:

Image format flowchart

Suggested what image file formats should be used

As a handy flowchart:


Made a random Amazon item purchasing dead man's switch

Check out the code for it on GitHub:

Climbers Survey Analysis

Conducted an analysis of the results of survey on climbers anatomy

Displayed interactively:


Stuff I've written

Analogies screenshot

A list of analogies between physical domains

Mostly complete, but still a work in progress. Take a look at the pdf:

Debris tracking screenshot

A paper on Multi-sensor Debris Tracking

Presented at an IET conference. My presentation can be viewed:

Here (login required)...

The paper can be downloaded:

Here (login required)...
Fidelity requirements screenshot

A paper on Fidelity requirements in brushless permanent magnet motor modelling

Presented at an IET conference. Can be downloaded:

Here (login required)...
Computationally efficient screenshot

A paper on Computationally efficient brushless permanent magnet motor modelling

Presented at an IET conference. Can be downloaded:

Here (login required)...
Preview article screenshot

An article on my experience as a STEM ambassador

Published in the INCOSE UK newsletter. Can be read:

PhD tools screenshot

A blog about tools and techniques I used during my PhD

Can be viewed:

10 reasons your work doesn't deserve to be on my screen

An infographic rant about poor data presentation

Take a look and feel free to share if you agree:

Railway image

An article on Systems integration in the rail industry

Published in the Network technical journal:

Data Vis screenshot

A paper on Data Visualisation for Systems Engineers

Presented at an INCOSE UK Annual Systems Engineering Conference. Can be downloaded:

JPS Pilot screenshot

A preprint of a paper on the Clinical assessment of shoulder joint-position sense and interactive data analysis – a pilot study

Can be viewed:


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