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Dr John Welford MEng PhD CEng MIET MINCOSE

I am a chartered mechatronics and systems engineer with a PhD and over 10 years engineering experience in the defence, automotive and rail industries. I am an active STEM ambassador, regularly giving talks and running activities in local schools and colleges. I also have a keen interest in visualisation and data presentation.

In my personal time I am a mountain biker and snowboarder, alongside numerous other small projects and distractions - some of which are mentioned on this site.

For further information please see my CV or contact me directly.

Stuff I've done

FIAT Panda stuck in the sand

Drove a Fiat Panda to Africa

Take a look at our never quite finished website documenting the journey:

I'm a Scientist logo

Took part in "I'm a Scientist - Get me out of here"

Check out my questions and answers:


Made a random number text messaging app

Check out the brief code for it on GitHub:


Made a clock that shows the time according to how late the trains are running

Take a look at the code for it on GitHub:

Actuator design image

Built a set of actuator design tools

As part of my PhD, to investigate the effects of parameter changes. Have a play with them:

Lego Linac box

Designed a model of a medical Linear Accelerator in Lego

As a gift. Check out the building instructions:


Also with an MRI machine as a second model from the same parts:

New Zealand Photospheres

Took a set of spherical photos whilst on holiday in New Zealand

Indexed and displayed using a javascript viewer:

New Zealand Photospheres

Modified a set of bathroom scales to log weights over wifi

A writeup of the process is given:

Image format flowchart

Suggested what image file formats should be used

As a handy flowchart:


Stuff I've written

Analogies screenshot

A list of analogies between physical domains

Mostly complete, but still a work in progress. Take a look at the pdf:

Debris tracking screenshot

A paper on Multi-sensor Debris Tracking

Presented at an IET conference. My presentation can be viewed:

Here (login required)...

The paper can be downloaded:

Here (login required)...
Fidelity requirements screenshot

A paper on Fidelity requirements in brushless permanent magnet motor modelling

Presented at an IET conference. Can be downloaded:

Here (login required)...
Computationally efficient screenshot

A paper on Computationally efficient brushless permanent magnet motor modelling

Presented at an IET conference. Can be downloaded:

Here (login required)...
Preview article screenshot

An article on my experience as a STEM ambassador

Published in the INCOSE UK newsletter. Can be read:

PhD tools screenshot

A blog about tools and techniques I used during my PhD

Can be viewed:

10 reasons your work doesn't deserve to be on my screen

A clickbait style infographic rant about poor data presentation

Take a look and feel free to share if you agree:

Railway image

An article on Systems integration in the rail industry

Published in the Network technical journal:


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