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The route we took is shown below, click a section to link to the photo graphs in the Diary.
It was certainly not the most direct route...

Day 0 Aldershot UK
Day 1 Overnight Ferry Portsmouth-Le Havre, drive through France
Day 2 Drive through Spain to arrive in Tarifa
Day 3 Chill and meet people
Day 4 Ferry to Tangier in Morroco, drive to Fes
Day 5 Drive down to High Atlas Mountains
Day 6 Continue down into Northern Sahara
Day 7 Return north to Todra Gorge
Day 8 Head West towards Agadir
Day 9 Roll on down to Layoune
Day 10 Cruise into Dakhla
Day 11 Cross border to Nouâdhibou
Day 12 Head into Desert
Day 13 Continue down to beach
Day 14 Beach and Road into Nouakchott
Day 15 Chillax for a day
Day 16 Drive East to Aleg
Day 17 Contine to just past Kifa
Day 18 Turn South at Ayoun, and enter Mali
Day 19 Follow tracks to Didieni then road to Bamako
Day 20 Relax and celebrate
Day 21 Fly home via Cassablanca